To RPAnoncomm: okay, for real?
Ponyville's #1 flyer.
Really, you guys. Really.

To address a couple issues:

1.) Just joined the community two months ago. Give it another month, a'ight?
2.) RD may have a rainbow mane, but you'd be surprised to learn that you're just stereotyping her into being gay.
3.) This was my first LJ account and didn't know how things worked in communities, cut me some damn slack for the bad username.

That is all.

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Criticisms / Suggestions / Etc.?
Ponyville's #1 flyer.
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Kinks List / Love Hotel Stats
Ponyville's #1 flyer.
Full name: Rainbow Dash
Age: ~18 in human years. But it ranges from 18-21
Birthdate: ???
Sign: ???
Height: ~5'5"
Weight: ~113 lbs
Scars: None
Piercings: Three rings on each ear
Tattoos: Her cutie mark is right on her right flank... er, I mean thigh
Other bodily markings: N/A
Build: Rather skinny, the only curvature Rainbow Dash has is a slight curve in cleavage, though a perfectly soft yet toned ass, and a bit of mellow muscle definition.
Residence: In the Love Hotel, a room rather close to the main exit to the gardens outside.
Occupation: Once was weather control, now unemployed.
Drinking? Has a strong fondness for trying things like this.
Smoking? Has done hookah, but again will try anything.
Other daily habits: A cocky smile worn 60% of the time -- also loves showing off.
Hair: Rather fluffy and soft in texture, though thick, Rainbow's hair is her namesake, which is streaked through with six different colors, the main of a real rainbow.
Clothes: She can wear anything, but refuses to wear dresses. Her attire is usually a pair of skinny, worn jeans, a cropped T-shirt, and a tank top beneath, or a pair of shorts or pleated skirt with a hoodie over a dark blue corset. This is usually her "club wear," though will later become sans-hoodie.

Scent: Usually apples, or perspiration, depending if she just came from a run.
Other notable physical details: N/A
Canon powers: Used to have the ability to fly, but this was taken away when she became human and was abducted to 'stay' at the Hotel.
Spoken language(s): English, or rather 'human English.'
Voice: N/A

Penis/cup size: 34A-34B
Size preference: Can take (and enjoys) anything and everything
Orientation: Bisexual
Best sexual experience: Any night of passion that starts in her jacuzzi, located on her porch outside her room. I guess she was given a premium membership. -__-U
Worst sexual experience: None as of yet
Top or bottom? Likes to be dominant with girls, but enjoys when a man can tame her. Depends on the situation.
Favorite position? Doggie (or pony) style, against the wall, pinned against ANYTHING, etc.
Underwear: Boyshort panties.
Number one fantasy: No number-one, but control over her is adored.
Sensitive areas: Neck, behind the ears, the undersides of her wrists, and belly.
No-no places/triggers: N/A
Favorite place to have sex: Against the wall.
Something they want to try but haven't before: She's tried everything, but give her a suggestion, and she'll most likely agree.
Favorite kinks/sex acts:
Sleep naked or in pajamas? Either, doesn't matter.
Special talents: Can take a reasonable amount of pain, and has incredible speed and stamina. Also has been known to make herself orgasm in 45 seconds.
Masturbation: Enjoys it with partners, but does it alone as well.
Toys? Why the fuck not?
Turn-ons: Dominance, dirty talking, a good kisser, someone who is as cocky as she can be.
What was their first time like? The first night she was at the Hotel as a human. The concept of 'human sex' was a confusing concept to her, and she went ahead and tried it. Plain and simple: didn't mean a thing emotionally to her.
After-sex habits: LOVES to cuddle, give/receive massages, and even have more sex. >:3


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